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Poor Girl has a Tumor on Her Belly!

Almost certainly a mammary tumor, it needs to be removed and biopsied ASAP.

About seven years ago, in the small community of Rosamond, CA, Delfina would take her dog out for a walk, and regularly pass this house where this Chihuahua mix would bark at her and her dog. Nothing ever happened, the Chi would just yap from the yard, and they would walk on. Then one day Delfina saw the dog almost get hit by a car, so she went up to the house to tell them, and mention that they probably shouldn't leave the dog outside in an unfenced yard.

To her surprise the neighbors said it wasn't their dog! Turns out, months previously another neighbor had moved leaving the little Chi behind, and these neighbors had been leaving food and water out for it, but that was all. Well Delfina wasn't having any of that! She offered to take the dog, and they said yes.

Delfina named her Coco, and moved her INTO her house! She's been a great dog since then, very loyal and surprisingly good with Delfina's other dog (seen in picture, white dog: Fendi).

What is wrong with Coco

She has a tumor on her belly that appears to be a mammary tumor, and it has recently started to grow very fast. We are estimating surgery to be about $800-1000 but will know more after September 1st. Delfina is a senior-citizen, on a fixed SSDI income, she has injures resulting from an assault a few years ago, including a bad back and knee. Due to her limited income she cannot afford the cost of surgery for Coco. Can you help Coco by SHARING her story and donating if you are able? All donations go only to Coco, and are paid only to the vet! You can donate by clicking the DONATE button here on the site, or you can donate directly with PayPal to and put COCO in the Comment. Thank you!

Coco's estimate is $1350

Due to the multiple nature of the tumors, it is a little more than we had planned, but these tumors have to go ASAP! Thank you!


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