Coco and the Tumor


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Coco has a tumor on her leg so bad she is having trouble walking!

Six years ago Coco was found following a coyote around in San Dimas. Yes. You read that correctly! Coco and another stray Chihuahua were seen with a coyote, a sort of mini-pack. A friend of Victoria (Coco's owner) followed them, and was able to eventually catch Coco and the other dog! Victoria then adopted Coco, and the other dog was adopted by another family.

The other funny thing is that Victoria was actually afraid of dogs! It was her husband who originally talked her into adopting Coco, against her wishes. Victoria says that her and Coco have helped each other, as Victoria is now a dog lover and no longer afraid of dogs, Coco having helped her get over her fear of dogs!

What is wrong with Coco

Coco has a really bad tumor on the back of her knee, that has gotten to the point where it keeps her from walking properly. She may also have a joint issue, but we are going to take care of the tumor first, and see how she does with the knee joint, the tumor being the important and urgent issue. She has been to two vets, and we are now quite sure the tumor is the issue that needs to be dealt with.

Coco and her buddy Ajax:

The family has some funds to contribute to the surgery, but due to some unexpected expenses recently, they cannot afford the full cost of the procedure. Tumor's like this need to be dealt with quickly before they develop into something worse. Can you help Coco with a donation for her tumor removal! Also, please help SHARE her story! Thanks!!!

Crouching Coco, hiding blanket:

Vet documents:

Coco-9712-2 2 Coco-9712-2 Doc - Aug 11 2017 - 6-26 PM


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