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Imagine being so small that most of the world finds you insignificant.

Walking down the street, a silver Lexus hits you and keeps driving...

Alyssa Soto saw little Clifford, stray, alone, trying to cross the street at night when a silver Lexus hit him, stopped, looked and then just drove away. She stopped. She took him to the emergency vet. She spent $800 to get him stabilized.

Clifford has blood in his nose, uneven pupil dilation, which indicates brain swelling. He is covered in ticks. He has lived a life of pure neglect. Look st the video that shows how full of ticks he is💔 but also how sweet he is! He just wants to be loved...

Animal rescue team Faith Easdale and Suzette Hall have taken him in. He will be transferred to their vet for longer term care. He will need overnight vet care for some days. All donations are ONLY FOR HIM and only paid to the vet! Please donate in confidence, your donation will go only to Clifford!

Thank you!

You can see Faith Easdale's post on Facebook HERE

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