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She had a bad tooth problem!

And then she got run over by a car!!

Poor Cinderella cannot catch a break... and neither can her owner Shelly. Shelly rescues Pitties (and others) that have been used as bait dogs, but she doesn't have a lot of money.

Her rescue Cinderella, and her granddaughter's best friend, had a bad tooth infection that was spreading and becoming quite dangerous, as well as painful. She could not afford the surgery, but had just managed to get the infection treated with antibiotics when Cinderella got hit by a car!

She only had enough money for a standard exam, though the vet really wants to do x-rays and a blood panel. Poor Cinderella has badly swollen front legs, and is not standing on her rear legs! She will stand briefly but then falls down!

Shelly was able to get pain meds today, but she needs our help now to pay for the x-rays and test! Then we will go from there, and also see about getting the tooth problem permanently fixed! Can you please help Cinderella get her x-rays and blood test now!!?? Donations in any amount are wonderful, and ONLY PAID TO THE VET for Cinderella. Please share too! THANK YOU!!!!


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