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Churro has a painful, but treatable eye condition.

"Congenital Cornea Dermoid", requires surgery to repair.

Adopted in March, at first Churro's condition was not noticeable. However, it has gotten worse, and more noticeable in time! His owner, Christina, has gotten him temporary treatment and a consultation with Eye Care for Animals.

Unfortunately though Mr. Churro faces to big problems: 1) The only way to permanently fix this painful condition, that can lead to blindness is surgery, and 2) Eye surgery is quite expensive.

How to help Churro

It's not all bad time for our happy guy though! He has time to get treated, and (at least for now) minor treatments can keep his condition from significantly damaging his eye. But he does need the surgery! All donations are only for Churro. We hold them all, for him, and pay them only to the veterinarian. Can help Churro by sharing his story and making a donation today?

Vet Documents:

churro-keratectomy total estimate

Churro Rivas Summary


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  • 11/12/2017
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    C'mon animal lovers....he needs your help!