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The Christmas Family!

Diesel, Roxy and 10 Puppies!

Diesel is the dad, he had been seen for nearly two years running around the high desert in Victorville, California, a city on the way to Las Vegas outside of Los Angeles. He even got to been known as a regular around the WinCo grocery, and a number of people had tried to catch him, but with no luck. In the last months he had been seen running with another dog, a black lab-mix, which turned out to be a female, now named Roxy!



Then there is Roxy, the mom, who is a more recent sighting around the area. Recently it became obvious she was pregnant. Then she disappeared! Our friend, and animal rescuer, Jennifer noticed this and assume she had had the puppies, which presented an opportunity and danger. The puppies would be at risk, not only in the cold winter nights of the desert, but to coyotes. But the opportunity might be that all of them would be easier to catch! And they were! Jennifer managed to get the whole family!! Diesel and Roxy had been seen running together for months, so it was pretty sure that Diesel was the dad, made more sure when Jennifer found the pups!

The Family

Diesel is estimated to be about 5 years old. Roxy is younger, not much over a year.... and the puppies, well, they aren't even two weeks yet (as of Dec 21st). There eyes are just starting to open now! How many puppies? Ten!! And a beautifully divided 5 boys and 5 girls!

What They Need

Diesel is in rough shape. He is a surprisingly friendly for a guy that has been living on the street for so long, but he has some scars, cuts, and other rough spots. Of course he needs to be neutered and get all his shots, but he also needs a full blood test and other diagnostics.

Roxy needs the standard stuff too, spay and shots and all that... and the puppies! Well they need all kinds of care of course!  And with 10 of them, that's a lot of shots and neutering and spaying, and all of that stuff!

How you can help this family of twelve (12!!) this Christmas:

Donations will all go to All Paws Animal Clinic, in Hesperia, California. This is where they all will be treated, including shots and neutering and spaying. Taking care of a family of 12 dogs, ten of which are new born puppies is a lot of work and expense, before all the vetting costs! Let's show our appreciation to Jennifer while helping these dogs have a 2018 that is healthy and secure with new homes! THANKS! WooooooooooF!


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