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A Sad, a Happy!

This little guy was found by neighborhood kids in San Bernardino. He isn't neutered, and has no collar or chip, but he did have a dirty, home-made cast on his front leg.

Unfortunately, his cast was not properly done, nor was his injury properly cared for. You can listen to Dr. Sidhu of Day Creek Animal Hospital in Rancho Cucamonga explain in the video above. Bottom line, Chico has to have his leg amputated.

The muscle tissue has moved around the bone, and the bones are deteriorating. The leg just cannot be saved. This is the SAD part. But the HAPPY is both that he was found by local kids, and that his leg had not gotten worse. If Chico had not been found, the dead bone and tissue in his leg would have spread and he would have developed a blood infection, and possible spread of dead tissue into his chest and neck. All of these would be fatal. Fortunately it has not gotten that bad!

What Chico needs:

Other than his terrible leg, Chico is really healthy! A few more weeks, and this story would be a lot worse, but hey.... he was found now! His leg has to be amputated though. He is a small dog, he will be fine with three legs. So now we need to raise the money for his amputation. Can you please help us with a donation for his care? All donations are only for Chico, and are paid only to the vet, Day Creek Animal Hospital! Also, please share his story! And if you know a local foster, San Bernardino area, let us know!

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