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Fun Charlie is Depressed!

Poor little guy is hurting, and needs your help.

Charlie is "The Dog" of the trailer park! He lives with Joyce in a park in Highland, California. Everyone there knows him, and he makes regular rounds to all the trailers. The other dogs all get along with him, and he even hangs with the cats! Our friend and rescuer Andrea goes to the park to care for some of the cats, and Charlie will always come around and hang out with her while she feeds them, and does bottle-feeding of some of the kittens.... He is always happy and fun and running around and just the best!!

The other day he didn't appear. Andrea talked to Joyce, and she reported how for the last day or two Charlie had been acting very depressed, and not moving around much. On further examination he now yelps when his mouth is touched, or when picked up. Joyce reports that he woke up in the middle of the night screaming, which he has never done before!

Andrea was really worried, as you can hear in the video below, and wanted to get him to the vet.

What we are doing for Charlie now:

Charlie's owner Joyce inherited him from his previous owner about 5 years ago. She takes care of him, but lives on social security and just does not have the money to pay for his treatment at a vet. We are not sure what is wrong with Charlie, so we got him to Dr. Sidhu and Day Creek Animal Hospital in Rancho Cucamonga. The Doctor suspects he may have something wrong with his neck. Our first step is diagnosis. For this Dr. Sidhu has already done a blood test and x-rays. Further he has sent the x-rays for a second opinion from a colleague.

Once we get the results from these exams, we will go further, and seek donations for any treatment. For now Charlie needs donations for his diagnosis. Please help share his story, and if you can donate: all donations are only for Charlie, and paid to his vet, Dr. Sidhu only. Donations are tax deductible!

Let's help Charlie get back to his old-self! The happy and fun Charlie everyone loves!!!

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