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Chance, the young dog they thought was old!

Abused and neglected, poor chance probably spent most of his time chained up on concrete. He ended up in an animal shelter way down in south Texas, where they labeled him as a senior, partially because he drooped his back side, and hung his head... but fortunately Rebecca Harris, 700 miles away in El Paso, saw him online on the Pet Rescue Report, and somehow he just touched her heart. She knew he would be put-to-sleep, and that the shelter had no vet and very little other resources, so she drove the 1400 mile round trip and saved him!

It turns out though, he is not a senior, he probably isn't even over two years-old! He was very malnourished and his muscles had deteriorated so badly he could barely walk, or raise his head! Can you imagine?! He has mange and some other problems resulting from his treatment, but Rebecca got him to her vet and under treatment, and he has been improving very well. He needs regular dips for mange, and other care, which Rebecca has funded with a GoFundMe you can see HERE.

What we are raising money for now

In addition to all of this, poor Chance has heart-worm. However, this deadly condition cannot be treated yet. He must improve his health substantially before undergoing the treatment, as it is quite rough on the body. He must have the treatment, but it has to wait. We are raising money specifically for Chance's heart-worm treatment which is about $600 total. He will have his final mange dip August 28th, and at that time the vet will evaluate if he is capable of undergoing the treatment. Right now the vet thinks he will be. If so, then all donations for his care will be paid only to the vet for this treatment!

Here is the letter Rebecca sent to us about Chance (originally named Simba in the shelter):

Simba was adopted from a southern Texas shelter. I drove 1400 miles to adopt Simba. The shelter has no vet so the only thing I was told was that (SENIOR) Simba probably had mange.  They could not tell me if Simba would get along with other dogs or even if he would get along with humans. So I took a chance because I fell in love with his face in the shelter picture.
Right after I picked Simba up and checked into a motel I sat on the floor with him and told him he looked like a Chance and asked him if he liked that name. He looked up at me, meeting my eyes so I took that as a yes.

I took Chance to the vet several days later (after we both recouped from the trip in a car without air conditioning.) Chance received his shots and was diagnosed with Demodex  mange, heart worm and serious malnutrition. I discovered worms in Chance's stool a few days later. The malnutrition was/is the cause of his (SENIOR) posture: his hanging head and sloped back end. Chance is only a little over two years old!

As of today, Chance has been treated for tape worms, he has received 3 dips for his mange with several more to go and we're working on building his neck and back end muscle mass back to normal using a high protein diet and multiple short walks per day. My vet will not do the heart worm treatment until Chance is done with all his other treatments and much stronger. Probably in another 4-8 weeks.

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  • 10/20/2017
  • Anonymous
  • 09/02/2017
  • Megan Gaetano
    I met this sweet dog last weekend. He gives such gentle loving hugs. Thank you for saving him!
  • Anonymous
  • Caitlin Zornes
    Thank you for helping Chance. He's a sweet boy who deserves a chance. )
  • 08/04/2017
    Praying for sweet Chance)
  • 08/04/2017