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Little Butterscotch hit by a big old mean car!

Sunday, July 2nd, neighborhood kids knocked on the door of Brenda in South Gate, CA. They had seen a little kitten hiding under a car, in pain. Brenda is known in the neighborhood as a cat rescuer, so they came to her.

She managed to get the little guy out from under the car, he was covered in fleas and quite dirty, obviously a kitten. But he had no visible injures, and once brought inside he stopped mewing, so at first Brenda hoped he was OK, perhaps just scared from the fireworks people were setting off in advance of the Fourth.

On Monday though it was clear something more was wrong, he couldn't stand. Knowing that most vets would be closed Tuesday, Brenda took him in that day. She ended up going to two different vets, and got him in at Primary Care Animal Hospital in Long Beach with a rescue discount.

What is wrong with Butterscotch

X-rays revealed the problem: two broken legs with a total of three fractures. Both on his left side (front and back leg), almost certainly hit by a car. One leg is pretty bad, and both will require surgery. Even with the good discount Brenda was able to get, this kind of surgery, on two legs, is expensive.

Brenda is a cat rescuer

Brenda is a cat rescuer, and has five rescues of her own. She is active in TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return). Your donation will go only to Butterscotch and is only paid to the vet for his medical care. Donations are tax deductible. You will be helping Butterscotch get life-saving surgery, and helping Brenda rescue more cats like him! Please, consider a donation to Butterscotch today! And as always, please share this page with your friends!!! THANK YOU!

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