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All donations to Bronson are held by us (Free Animal Doctor) and paid only to the veterinarian, not the owner or other individual. All donations are tax-deductible, and we are a 501c3 non-profit. You can donate in confidence that your donation is going to Bronson, for his care.

Bronson needed an urgent blood transfusion to save his life!

It came on fast, and the vet mis-diagnosed poor Bronson as well. A little over two weeks ago he was coughing weirdly, and seemed tired, so his owner Brent took him to the vet and Bronson was diagnosed with kennel cough, given some minor medication and sent home. But about 10 days later he was getting worse. Brent was suspicious of the diagnosis because Bronson is only 5 years-old and has all his shots and updates... so he took him back to the vet.

Yet again, even through Brent was rather pushy, the vet was very confident that Bronson was OK and that it was just something minor, though they did order some tests. On Monday (June 5th) he was even worse, laying around, not eating much and his gums were becoming very noticeably white (a sign of infection and/or other issues). Brent took him back to the vet again, and the results of the tests and his condition finally got the vet's attention. His thought? IMHA, Immune-Mediated Hemolytic Anemia, which is treatable, but has a high mortality rate.

Brent took him to a specialist

Advanced Veterinary Internal Medicine, in Tustin saw him on Tuesday (June 6th) and said he needed an immediate blood transfusion, or he would die. We hate these kind of situations, because it is like a gun to the head of the poor owner. The specialist was quoting prices of $7000 or more dollars, and Brent just could not come up with that amount of money immediately, nor justify it to his family. He had already spent a lot of money just getting here.

Fortunately Brent was able to discuss this situation with the vet, and managed to make an arrangement to get Bronson a blood transfusion and some tests at a more reasonable rate, but still close to $3000.

Bronson as a Pup and at 1 year:

Where Bronson is at now

Bronson's blood marrow is not producing red blood cells, hence the anemia. This is fatal, if it cannot be fixed. The immediate solution is a blood transfusion as well as steroid medication to stimulate red blood cell production. After the transfusion Bronson's red blood cell count did recover, but only time will tell.

Brent and his family are devastated. They have had Bronson since he was a puppy, he is totally part of the family, and they just cannot stand this situation at all. They want to do everything they can for him, and the vet specialist is still saying there is going to be a lot that needs to be done. He very well may need another transfusion, and he will need more tests.

The vet is very positive on Bronson, he is young and he is strong. Bronson has a lot of muscle and is strong physically. If any dog can survive this, it is Bronson... but he and his family now need our help! Can you please SHARE Bronson's story and donate if you can? Thank you!

Bronson playing with his Bro!:

Bronson's vet bills so far:

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