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Poor girl, hiding in a culvert by the freeway in Riverside, California

Bridget was seen for a while walking around in a concrete wash, near the freeway, in Riverside. Finally our good friend Janett Randle was able to catch her, and get her to the vet. This poor girl is only 8-9 months old, and was probably dumped here, someone dropping her off the the adjacent freeway.


She is very sweet, and seems well-behaved. Due to extreme dehydration the vet had to do a full blood panel to test her liver and kidneys for damage, but there was none! However, she had eaten a lot of chicken bones, probably finding some trash somewhere, and they are lodged in her stomach.

Bridget needs hospitalization for to monitor the passing of the bones, as well as medication to help with that.


Bridget needs hospitalization for observation both for the stomach issues, and to make sure she is not damaged due to the extended dehydration. In addition, she has two types of worms, probably again from eating in the trash, and one of the types is quite virulent. She will need to be in isolation for 4 weeks, until the worms are completely eliminated and treated.

Your donation is only paid to her vet, VCA Foothill, and only for her treatments! Please also SHARE her story! Let's get Bridget treated fully, so she can get adopted soon! THANK YOU and WOOOOOF!!!

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