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Bowie was hiding in a culvert by the 10 freeway near Los Angeles.

A short haul truck driver saw Bowie on the side of the freeway in Bloomington, CA, a small town east of Los Angeles, near San Bernardino. She got in touch with dog rescuer Faith Easdale, and Faith sent a team out to catch Bowie. The first day they couldn't find him, but they noticed a culvert along the side of the freeway and that it had a number of drain tunnels. The next day they went out again, placing traps, and they caught him!

Bowie was dirty, had ticks and fleas, and a rough wire had gotten wrapped around one of his back legs. That was all fixable though, the real problem was how malnourished he was. You can see in the pictures, but even they don't show how bad it is because his fluffy fur helps cover it, but this poor boy was way too skinny.

Spotted in the culvert, and the wire on his leg:

So skinny:

Blood tests and x-rays

While an x-ray didn't show any damage, and he seems to not be in pain, he does have a bowed front leg, probably from an earlier injury that healed wrong, but it is a minor thing. The big problem is that his blood test results were not good. His liver and kidney function is too low. He looks to be only about 5 years old, but may have arthritis or other joint inflammation, but we cannot get him shots for that right now due to his liver levels. The good news is he has been recovering well, and eating well, and is acting healthier by the day. Our hope is that with proper diet, hydration and out of the stress of living rough, he will recover organ function. But he is going to need more blood tests obviously, and a well monitored diet.

At the vet:

You can help!

Bowie needs more tests, another x-ray, anti-inflammatory shots (when healthier), plus his continued care in the vet hospital. He is staying at Day Creek Animal Hospital in Rancho Cucamonga, and they are offering a discount on his care and kenneling. You donation to Bowie goes only to his vet bill, and would be greatly appreciated by dedicated dog rescuer Faith Easdale as well! Please help SHARE his story online also.... and if you know of someone who can foster him in the area, let us know at Subject: Bowie.

He has been very sweet with people. He was shaking with fear at one point, but has never growled or attempted to bite. He appears to be ok with other dogs so far.... so he should be good with a foster. We have not had him neutered yet because he cannot undergo anesthesia at this time. Let's help Bowie! Spread the word and donate please!!

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  • Danielle Defalco
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  • 08/26/2017
  • 08/26/2017
  • Angela Carman
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    Ty to all you beautiful people who are helping this sweet dog who deserves a loving home and a happy life!!!
  • 08/25/2017
  • Sarah Simmons
  • Gina Cantrell
  • 08/25/2017
    Praying for you sweet Bowie!