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Meet Little Noodle!

He got sick and is now in the hospital on IV.

Noodle started eating less, and then stopped eating shortly after getting his puppy vaccinations. He then had diarrhea, with some blood in it. The thought was worms, but that has now been ruled out. He has been tested for Parvo and that was negative as well (he does not have Parvo).

Message from his owner Bonnie:

"Noodle got sick after receiving his first puppy vaccination, and he never seemed to get back to himself 100% after. He started eating and playing less, he slowly started losing weight, he had consistent and sometimes bloody diarrhea. All of this led us to believing he had worms. On Monday I gave him a dewormer and hoped to see little Noodle improve. He seemed to improve, but then decline again, a little like a roller coaster. The following Thursday Noodle looked worse than ever, he didn't want to eat anything or walk around. Which was a shock since he was doing so good the day before. We immediately called our local vet and scheduled an appointment as soon as possible. Noodle's parvo test came back negative, but he was severely dehydrated, hypoglycemic, and anemic. The vet gave us the course of action they believed was best to save Noodle, which is much more costly than we were prepared for. The vet worked with us and decided to do an immediate blood transfusion at no extra charge, however the estimate is still more than we can afford. But with treatment the vet believes that Noodle can be saved. He already had a huge turn around after the blood transfusion, but still needed to be hospitalized overnight and have IV fluid. We are hoping to be able to bring our little Noodle home and well soon. "

Noodle is at the vet now

He was showing signs of improvement, but late Monday morning poor Noodle reversed and has become lethargic again. The vet is closely monitoring him and will keep us updated.

How to help Noodle

Bonnie's mother and sister are both disabled and she recently returned home to help them around the house and with their daily lives. She is unemployed right now, and just does not have the money to pay these bills. The vet at Ark Animal Hospital in Victorville has been GREAT! They have done a blood transfusion at no charge, and have been greatly reducing the standard costs, but still, it is getting expensive. Noodle needs you help to pay his bills going forward! Can you help Noodle today?


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