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BlessEd May Be Able to Walk Again!

Poor guy was probably born without the use of his rear legs. He was picked up stray and brought to the OC Animal Shelter. With his condition, despite his young age (just about 1 year-old) he was in danger of being put-to-sleep!

DreamFetchers Rescue got him out of the shelter, and to a vet. Upon examination it was the vet's opinion that BlessEd maybe able to walk with surgery, and a neurologist was recommended. So we had him sent to Dr. Barry in Irvine, probably one of the best neurologists in California!

He determined that BlessEd has good use of his tail, and some ability to control using the bathroom. This is a good thing, and may indicate that BlessEd can make some recovery and gain use of his legs in the future. On the bad side, Dr. Barry thinks the possibility of a successful outcome from surgery is under 20%, and thus not worth the risk and expense.

His Current Condition:

BlessEd probably has a urinary tract infection (UTI), a common result of this condition. Also, the doctor would like an MRI done. Testing and treatment for the UTI will be a few hundred dollars. The MRI is about $2000.00, but we maybe able to have it done in Mexico, which would be substantially cheaper. BlessEd also will need a permanent wheelchair, and medications and other items.

Let's help BlessEd get the tests, treatments and item he needs now! Can you please SHARE hist story, and if capable donate to his on going care? All donations are only paid to the vet or rescue for his care specifically! THANK YOU!!

BlessEd at the Neurologist:

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