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Blackie was hit by a car!

Fluffs and Scruffs rescue is caring for him, but needs everyone's help fundraising for his veterinary care!

What happened

Blackie has been surrendered back to us after the adopter spent $2100 dollars to stabilize him at the ER Vet. They are good people and meant him no harm. He got away from them shortly after they adopted him from us, and was hit by a car. 

We are dealing with a critical situation where one of our rescue dogs has been hit by a car 1 hour after being adopted & leaving our care. My focus & that of Fluffs & Scruffs, A Dog Rescue will remain with our dog for the foreseeable future. His name is Blackie & all prayers are certainly appreciated. He is not stable enough for surgery currently.

Graphic Images Below

Blackie is in the best Facility for his care & I am so appreciative of Dr. Sig & our Surgeon Dr. Shawn Behrenfeld. We are closely monitoring Blackie's toes to make sure he has circulation as they also are all crushed. The plan will be to wait for Blackie to be out of shock completely eating on his own & then seeing what we can fix first. Dr Sig & Dr Behrenfeld want to save his left leg first if possible as the pelvic breaks on the left side are not as bad (or as many) as the pelvic breaks on the right. If we have to amputate his back left degloved leg, Blackie's pelvis on the right will take the heat for the rest of his life & it is currently in MANY pieces. We are carefully monitoring for pneumonia which a patient in his condition could be at risk of. I held him yesterday for all the new x-rays where we were looking for any changes. Everything appeared to be status quo. Praying also that the bloodclot(s) in his bladder are all passed right now. Blackie is completely cognizant. His mind is perfect & normal. He is very aware of his situation.

Also I need everyone to know that when a body is in this condition no bones are healing so we have a two week window here to start putting our baby back together. Blackie is NOT a lost cause!! Please DO NOT GIVE UP ON HIM.


All donations will be paid only to the vet and rescue for Blackie's care! Thank you!

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