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Please help this family?
Someone let Bentley out of his yard while his owners were away and and he was hit by car.

Bentley was picked up by officers after being hit by the car. Bentley was taken to the vet with a collapsed lung, no surgery needed, but he was hospitalized. The vet contracts with the San Bernardino Animal Shelter, and is expensive. The owners have enough money to pay his current bill (see below) of nearly $1000.00, but they need our help to pay for his further treatment. (Treatment plan coming Sunday evening.)

Alice Chow met the owner in the lobby at the shelter crying, she was pushing a stroller with 2 toddlers and just wants her dogs back. They are her family and very much loved and wanted back home!

Alice is an active dog rescuer and volunteer at the San Bernardino Animal Shelter. She is has already arranged the next vet for Bentley!

Vicious Bentley attacking a cat:

Bentley sharing, as he does:


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