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Serious Eye Injury Requires Surgery ASAP!

This is Belle, she is a sweet little 6 year-old girl who injured her eye really badly! The family took her to an ER vet that quoted a very high price of over $2000... but we have since gotten her to a different vet quoting around $800. However, she also has some bad teeth that the vet would like to extract, so the total bill for surgery will be about 1200-1300. This one is pretty urgent, sorry for the graphic photos, but we want to show the injury. Her eye has been cleaned up a bit since, but she still needs to get this taken care of as soon as possible. Can you please SHARE her story and help donate if you can? WOOOF!

Letter from her owner Kevin:

My wife, Kim, had a collie mix named Princess that was upwards of 16 years old when we found out last year that she was starting to have kidney failure and her joints were deteriorating. So, in August we had to make the decision to have her put to sleep. Also, for reference, we are both on our 2nd marriage where Kim has 2 adult daughters (23 and 20) that are both married, and I have 4Sons (19, 18, 16, & 9) and 1 daughter (13) that all live with us 80% of the time.

Kim and her daughter, Tori, make it an annual event to goto the Orange County Pet Expo, and as she was getting ready to go this year, I told her that she could get a dog if she found one she liked. About 2 in the afternoon, I start getting texts from Kim asking if I was serious, because she found a Shih Tzu that she fell in love with, but she knew that our money was tight. I told her go ahead. She said it was fate because someone had Belle reserved since before the Expo opened, but had to back out around 5 minutes before Kim got to that booth. Plus, Kim loves Beauty and the Beast, so the fact that the dog is named Belle was a sign to her. So, Belle came home with Kim.

Belle is probably the most docile dog I have ever seen. She seemed to acclimate easily to our 2 other dogs, Termi who is a male lab mix, and Sunshine who is a female Chihuahua and terrier mix. They are even to the point that they can all cuddle together. Belle has a habit of laying her head on the ground to look under our gate when we are leaving and arriving at home, and she has a funny whine/howl that she emits when she's watching us. She's even gotten Sunshine in the habit of doing it as well.

Shortly after Kim came home on Friday, Belle was found to be bleeding from her left eye, and the area around her eye seemed swollen. There was no dried blood, so the injury looked very fresh. We immediately took her to the VCA hospital in Upland where they said she appeared to have suffered a trauma to the area just above her eye, which caused swelling and bleeding behind the eye, and that the eye was now dead. They offered surgery to remove the eye, which would cost $2000. We applied for Care Credit because we only had $250 in our checking account at that time, and they only approved us for $500. They suggested we try going to the Ontario Spay and Neuter Clinic the next morning, and they gave us some medicine to help Belle with her pain.

On Saturday morning I took Belle to the Ontario Spay and Neuter Clinic where they confirmed the VCA diagnosis, however their cost for surgery was significantly less with a low of $650 and a high of $800. Since we still couldn't afford that, they suggested several places to seek financial assistance and gave us some more medicine to help Belle in the meantime.

On Monday, I contacted your organization, along with Ruff Rescue, and Actor and Others. Ruff Rescue already helped us out with a $150 donation, so that with the $200 we have easily available, we could use help with the remaining $300 to $450 for the surgery.

This afternoon we noticed some discharge now coming from her eye, so I went back by the clinic to have them take another peek at it, and they said it's starting to get infected. So, I went ahead and scheduled the surgery for Wednesday morning with the intention of finding a way to get the money tonight.

That is pretty much the whole story...

THANK YOU again for your help and time!!!!


Vet Document:

Copy of initial estimate not including dental work

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