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Meet Bella Jadore

Fluid in her lungs, and a severe infection!

Those of you that follow Free Animal Doctor know we like to keep the focus on the animal, in this case the Dog Jadore. But first can I tell you about her owner? Jadore Andrews has really being trying to help her best friend, and support! Jadore has PTSD, suffers from severe anxiety, and other related issues.

In addition she is financially limited, has no internet where she lives, limited phone access, and limited transportation. But she has managed to get transport to go to office supply stores to email us photos, and fax documents for Bella. Anxiety attacks can leave her suddenly unable to travel, and traveling itself can induce attacks and is scary for her. The mental trauma of a long trip to the vet can be devastating to someone in this condition, yet Jadore has not only done this repeatedly, but she has spent every cent she has helping her dog Bella.

What Bella needs.

We finally managed to get Bella seen by a vet we trust, and the main issue is that she has an infection that is causing a very high white blood cell count, but we don't know where, and we don't know why. Bella needs extensive lab testing on excess fluid in her lungs, and on swollen joints to see if we can isolate the source of the infection. She is a fairly young dog, and to some degree this is all a bit strange an unexpected. Our hope is that with proper diagnosis, a reasonable and effective treatment can be found.

Can please help Bella and her owner Jadore today? All donations are only paid to the veterinary treating Jadore, and are only for her! Thank you!


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