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Bella needs a new vet!

She is a sweetheart, but poor Bella has not been getting proper treatment. Her owners contacted us for help, because Bella's current vet doesn't see to be able to clear up her ear infections, and is also charging too much to x-ray her leg.

Bella has been less active with her injury

Bella has been limping on her rear right leg, and her current vet thinks it is a tear in the knee, but he wants over $2000 just to diagnose it properly. We are pretty sure she is going to need surgery, but we are also sure we can get the diagnosis all sorted out at a much lower cost. In addition Bella has an infection in both ears, and it is only getting worse. We are a bit disturbed that the treatment for the last month has done nothing, and want to get he into a vet that will do a full on antibiotic treatment.

Bella holding her leg out, and doesn't want to stand.... it must be hurting her :-(

Ear infections that go on too long can become serious, so it is important to get this done for Bella soon. We have an internist that has been recommended to us, so we hope to get all of this done at a reasonable rate ASAP.

Can you please help SHARE Bella? Let's help this sweet girl get the care she deserves now! WOOOF!


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