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Bean, Bean, Bean!

We just love to say "BEAN!" Really, he is just a great dog! This little guy was stuck in the West Valley (Los Angeles) animal shelter since May... YES, MAY! Thanks to the great volunteers at the shelter and Alexandria Bonvicini, he was brought to our attention and he finally got out the first weekend of September.

Why was he in the shelter so long?

Bean has a bum leg. He is a very friendly dog, even uncharacteristically friendly for a Chihuahua. Our suspicion is he was hit car, and it healed wrong, but who knows. The bottom line is his hip is messed up, and he can barely put weight on his right rear leg. For this reason he was in the medical ward, and not getting adopted.

He needs FHO surgery, which must be done by an orthopedic surgeon. Guess what, that isn't cheap! In this procedure the femur is partially cut, then reinserted into the hip socket, with the muscle growing to replace the function of the previous ball joint. The surgery is pricey, and recovery is about 2 months. But, once done, he will be able to walk as normal, and with no surgical implants like a plate or pins.

Donations needed, also a good foster?

Yes, we need donations to pay for Bean's surgery. We could also use a foster who can help with his recovery, as he will need regular exercise of his leg after surgery to recover properly. This is very important. And of course we also need help sharing his story!

If you are interested in fostering Bean, please email for more information! Thank you!

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