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Tumor has to go!

Poor Asia has this really nasty, icky tumor, and the vet says it has got to be removed soon! It really has grow up fast, and is certainly cancerous. The prognosis is good however, if we get it removed quickly!

Her owner Matt has been working with us, and has taken her to the vet now for a professional diagnosis. We need about $800 to get the surgery, and a bit more after that to properly test the tumor and see what it is, and have Asia thoroughly checked for any residual cancer. But the most important thing it to get it removed as soon as we can!

Your donation is specifically for Asia, and is paid only to her vet for this surgery! Please also help share her story! Asia sends everyone a big WOOOF! of thanks!

Asia has a tumor that has rapidly grown!


First spotted in June, Asia's tumor has suddenly grown, now almost to softball size! Matthew got her when she was just about one year-old, she's now seven. Asia is a good dog, and a good guard of the family as you can see in the photo below.

Guarding the kids on the couch:

Matthew has been out of work, and cannot afford to have her treated at the vet. He has done research online, and had a friend who is a vet-tech look at her. They think it is still a grade-1 tumor, a mass-cell type, but of course this is not a veterinarian's diagnosis.

Images of the tumor, with Mathew's hand for size reference:

What we can do for Asia now:

We know the tumor has to go. Let's get Asia into a vet, professionally diagnosed and then into surgery to get this removed. We have a good idea of the costs. She will need surgery of course, as well as a biopsy of the tumor tissue. We also expect a blood panel, and an x-ray to check for other tumors. There will be a written estimate once we get Asia in for an initial visit!

This is one of those cases where the condition occurred at just the worst time for Matthew and his family, and has suddenly become much worse and needs to get taken care of now! Can you please help Asia by sharing her story and donating? Thank you!


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