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Latest Update:

Arden was found unconscious on the side of the 210 freeway on San Bernardino, CA. When Janett approached him, he did whine and breathe roughly. She took him to the vet July 11. The entire story is below. This is an update July 22nd:

He is doing much better! Since the end of last week he was eating on his own, but had to be held up by the vet. However, this week he started standing on his own and is now able to walk as well, and of course eat on his own! This is a huge improvement. Rather than write about it, here are photos and videos of him at the vet Saturday, July 22nd. The two women pictured are Janett Randle and Faith Easdale.


Found at night on the freeway!

Janett found and rescued this guy from the 210 freeway in San Bernardino Tuesday night!, here is her story of what happened:

I thought I saw a dog on my way to Devore to drop off a dog with Faith late at night. I wasn't sure but decided to keep going after I checked CHP reports and there was nothing about a dog on that location.

On my way back home I had a feeling I should check CHP reports and sure enough the report was there but I was already 20 minutes away from it. I called Faith and she was close but didn't see anything going Eastbound.

I then went to get gas but had a feeling I should keep checking until I see SOMETHING. Dead or alive. I decided to recheck the report since the last time I looked I was on the road. This time I read it right and said that the dog was going there I went.

I finally saw him and he looked lifeless but I always check in case it might be alive and so I know what kind of dog in case someone is looking.

As I approached I saw the blood and lifeless body. I wanted to touch him to make sure he didn't just have a faint breath but before I did made smooching sounds and suddenly it seemed as if the life got sucked right back into his body. He opened his eyes and stared to breathe heavily as he whimpered. My heart sank so I ran to my car to call Faith and she immediately offered to help. I went to get a towel to cover him. Once I went back to cover him I couldn't look at him in pain like that. Especially, since he has already been there over an hour and a half, suffering. I told Faith to meet me at the nearest emergency vet and I picked him up. He kept whining when I moved him. I carefully placed him on my passenger seat and sped off. His head dropped and I thought he passed but I decided to still hold his head.


She named him Arden, his medical:

He was near the exit for Arden Ave., hence the name! Janett rushed him to the ER vet, and from there he was transported to her vet at Inland Valley once stable. He has a rock in his belly, swelling on the brain, and something wrong with his neck, possible a break.

He was in an incubator with oxygen all day, and has been unconscious. On Wednesday afternoon he has opened his eyes and moved a little. We need urgent donations to pay for his round-the-clock care at the vet! Please help this poor dog that was abandoned on the freeway to be killed! And please share his story!

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  • Marilyn Polo
  • Marilyn Polo
    Thank you Jesus for healing
  • 07/24/2017
    Thankful to everyone involved in the saving of Arden ! So overjoyed he is mending well )
  • ivel melton
    god bless you snd thank you!
  • Derek Heintz
  • 07/24/2017
    In memory of our Lab Beau who passed over Rainbow Bridge 7-28-2012
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