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Abby may think she is a cat! She lives with two kitties, and they all are best friends!

Abby has dislocated hips

And painful cavities, needing urgent dental work! She is a very sweet 5 year old girl, and she deserves to live pain free. It's not her fault that her mom Gina was in a bad car accident and has chronic injuries that keep her from working full-time. Gina does work limited hours as an in-home support provider, but she is crippled herself and cannot work fully.

At this time she just cannot get the money together for what Little Abby needs, so let's help Abby out and get her out of pain and on the path to recovery!

What Abby needs

About two years ago Abby jumped off the couch onto a set of pillows, and the landing went bad and she seemed to hurt herself, as she was limping in her back legs. Gina took her to the vet, and they basically said to wait and see what happened. Abby got better, but then worse, and Gina took her back to the vet and to a specialist. One says she has knee problems, one says hips, but both want to see x-rays, which Gina cannot afford right now.

In addition, recently Abby has start having twitching in her legs. You can see that in this video:

Poor Abby now has trouble walking far, and cannot jump up on the couch or other small jump. She won't walk far outside, and is just not able to live a normal life at just five years-old!

Finally, as is common with Maltese, Abby has some dental problems and has been rubbing at her mouth. The vet wants to do a dental cleaning, and perhaps an extraction or two, he will know better once they get in there and clean... but clearly Abby has mouth pain.

Abby with Gina's mother:

Let's help Abby!

Abby needs our help for her dental work and x-rays. Once we get the x-rays, we will know much better what to do about her hips/knees. Your donation goes to Abby's vet directly, we never pay the owner or other person, only the vet! Can you help Abby today!? WOOOF!!

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