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Attacked by a Coyote!

Little Abby just has not been able to catch a break! She was found bleeding under a car in Highland, CA. The people who found her contacted Faith Easdale who rescues strays in the San Bernardino, CA area, and she got her to a vet and in foster care.

It turned out her injury was minor, she was healthy and all seemed well... but then the foster family had an emergency and had to stop fostering Abby! Faith found her another foster home, and once again, all seemed good for Abby, until Thursday night... the foster called in a panic, Abby had been attacked by a Coyote!

What Happened

The foster lives in a suburban area, but it is near the hills. She had Abby out in the yard, and was watching from the porch, when suddenly a coyote ran up out of nowhere and grabbed Abby! A lot of yelling and screaming was had by everyone, the foster and Abby and the coyote dropped her and ran away, but Abby had been injured!

Abby's care and what is needed

Abby was immediately taken to the ER vet as Faith's vet was closed for the day. She has four major puncture wounds, and an abdominal hernia. She was stable, so they got pain meds and kept her overnight. The next day (Friday) she went to Faith's vet and he discovered she also has two broken ribs. Abby needs surgery for the abdominal hernia as it is large, as well as some serious stitches.

Faith Easdale rescues dogs off the streets of San Bernardino and surrounding communities almost every single day. Her Facebook group Pawsitive Promise is here. Please support Faith and Abby by SHARING this story and donating! Thank you!

UPDATE June 3, 2017

Abby does NOT need hernia repair surgery. The vet discounted the remainder a lot, and the total bill is now under $200. We had thought it would be nearly $1000, so this is great news, though Faith and Abby still need your help please!

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