Abandoned Bella


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Abandoned outside the Shelter

When she needed her family, they didn't want her

Thanks to the efforts of our great friends and dog rescuers Faith Easdale and Suzette Hall we were able to rescue this girl from the shelter system, where she most certainly would have not made it!

You see, poor Bella has mammary tumors and some really bad teeth, and the shelter does not provide any veterinary service...


What happened:

A man was seen dumping her in front of the Irvine shelter, and the woman that witnessed this told her daughter to grab the dog and she went after the dirtbag! She said "I saw you dumping your dog!!!!!" But he just yelled a curse back and sped off...

Well Bella is in bad shape! She has mammary tumors and her teeth have to be so painful! So you have a dog for years and when she needs you the most you dump her you evil creep???! The kind woman took her home and cleaned her up. She was covered in feces.

She put a sweater on her probably the first sweater she’s ever had on in her life. Show her she matters! She’s not trash to be discarded when she’s sick.

Vet info

Bella needs her tumors removed and serious dental work. All this will be done at the same time. Her prognosis is very good, the x-rays do not show any spreading of the tumors. Though the estimate is up to $2000 the vet has assured us he will keep the price down for us as a rescue, so we are looking at about $1400, including follow up care.

If you can help Bella remember that all donations are ONLY FOR HER, and will only be PAID TO THE VET! Thank you!!!

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