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Meeka is recovering from a long bout of IMHA. Her owner is now tapped-out, and she needs our help to get the remainder of her necessary treatments!

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Ollie and Summer

Ollie and Summer need our help! One donation helps two sweet dogs! Ollie has an abscess and Summer may have Cushing's disease.

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Maxon Kitten

Eye burst! Kitten, only 2 months and 1.5 pounds. Must have eye removed immediately.

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  • $819.00 Funded

Brutis and Coco

Mr. Brutis needs surgery on his eyes to relive pain, and to slow a medical condition. He has a number of significant problems, and could really use our help!

  • 18.50% Funded
  • $222.00 Funded


Little Benji is suffering from a few problems, his mom has had him in the vet for a number of treatments, and is running short of money. A a recent bout with an object stuck in his stomach has revealed a very serious set of problems!

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  • $699.50 Funded

Bella Cimino

Bella really has to get to a new vet! Her serious ear infection is getting worse, and she has a bad knee that is hurting her.

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  • $286.00 Funded

Peewee The Chi

Peewee has testicular cancer, but the vet says with a quick operation it can been stoped before it spreads and Peewee will be OK! A little helps a lot in this case, please take a look!

  • 100.67% Funded
  • $604.00 Funded


Rescued from a puppy mill, Zola has come a long way! Now she needs a small number of tests to determine what is wrong with her. Can you please help her?

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Chance has been through a lot! Now this sweet guy needs heart-worm treatment.

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  • $354.50 Funded


Ollie needs physical therapy to improve nerve function, or he will have to lose his front leg! He's a pup, about eight months old, let's help him get the therapy he needs!

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  • $379.00 Funded