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Cinderella Mathews

Cinderella had a bad tooth infection that was spreading and becoming quite dangerous, as well as painful. Owner could not afford the surgery, but had just managed to get the infection treated with antibiotics when Cinderella got hit by a car!

  • 96.25% Funded
  • $385.00 Funded


Hit by a car, with swelling the brain! Prognosis is very good though! But poor Cammie needs help urgently, as she is in the ER vet... let's help her get the ongoing treatment she needs!

  • 70.50% Funded
  • $1,410.00 Funded


Little Mya collapsed three times in one day! After a series of tests it was clear: Poor Mya has an enlarged heart. She needs to go to the cardiologist ASAP!

  • 62.67% Funded
  • $470.00 Funded


Charlie is feeling depressed. Normally a happy, really out-going guy, Charlie is barely moving and woke up screaming the other night! Can you help him get diagnosed by the vet ASAP so we can determine what is going on? Charlie thanks you!

  • 102.00% Funded
  • $510.00 Funded


Attacked by coyotes, Scooter has a punctured lung. He has to be in an oxygen chamber, and needs surgery and care to drain the wound. Poor little guy can barely breathe, but he should make it through with your help!

  • 21.75% Funded
  • $870.00 Funded


Shot with a pellet gun or BB gun, and possibly poisoned. The vet started treating her with no payment; Maxine's owner doesn't have any money. Let's show that we support the vet, and help Maxine get the further testing she needs. She is still in the hospital, and not doing well!

  • 63.16% Funded
  • $600.00 Funded


Tumor has regrown, is painful and spreading fast! His owner is tapped out having spent over $2000 on the first surgery. We have a new vet, a specialist, but we need to get Malachi treated urgently!

  • 36.11% Funded
  • $650.00 Funded

Pixie Rose

Poor little Pixie Rose got caught up in a rescue mishap, and now is stuck needing urgent surgery, with no one to help her. That's where you can come in and help!

  • 65.50% Funded
  • $655.00 Funded

No Eye

Wandered into someone's yard looking for help! Eye wound infection one of the worst we have seen. Has probably been injured for over a month. Needs urgent surgery!

  • 81.33% Funded
  • $1,220.00 Funded

Drac Kitty

Pulled from a bathroom trash can, his intestines hanging out, little Drac is fighting to make it! Let's help this little guy recover, and then find his new home!

  • 55.20% Funded
  • $690.00 Funded