Honey the Maltese

Poor Honey has painful, and large bladder stones. Her owner is doing the right thing seeking care for her, but needs our help!

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Rosco the Boxer

Poor Rosco is severely over weight!!!

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Pooka was rescued from the streets with a crushed front leg. He needs our help to pay for his surgery, which has been arranged at a great discount by an excellent surgeon! Can you help Pooka walk again?

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  • $565.00 Funded

Marlie’s Surgeries

Marlie had two legs crushed by a car! Her dog friend Murphy stayed by her side, until she was saved... but now she needs our help urgently for surgery!

  • 104.00% Funded
  • $3,120.00 Funded


This poor dog was seen wandering the streets like this! We do not know how it happened, but she has an inverted uterus. Basically, her lady parts have fallen out. Of course this has led to a horrible infection, and other problems.

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  • $460.00 Funded

BlessEd (Eddie)

BlessEd May Be Able to Walk Again! Poor guy was probably born without the use of his rear legs. He was picked up stray and brought to the OC Animal Shelter. With his condition, despite his young age (just about 1 year-old) he was in danger of being put-to-sleep...

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  • $50.00 Funded


Nayla was abandoned when her owners moved. Of course they neglected her, and she was never spayed. She needs funding to get her spayed, and adopted... and her new puppies cared for, let's help!

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  • $90.00 Funded


Poor Jaky needs a lot of corrective surgeries!

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Miraculous Milo

For the past 2 years Milo has been dealing with some serious Tummy issues!

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  • $550.00 Funded

Trixie Pup

Trixie! Being sold in a parking lot at only 4 weeks of age!

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  • $5.00 Funded

Hit by a car

Injured dog's friend stayed by his side! Rescue has got them now, on the way to the hospital. Faith Easdale of Dream Fetchers rescue needs urgent help here please. Thanks!

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  • $3,250.00 Funded


Imagine being so small that most of the world finds you insignificant. Walking down the street, a silver Lexus hits you and keeps driving... Brain swelling, needs donations now to stay in the vet for overnight care!

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  • $540.00 Funded

Yoko The Shep

Poor Yoko has been attacked twice and needs surgery!

  • 19.00% Funded
  • $380.00 Funded

Lady Gizmo

Little Lady Gizmo has horrible seizures! She needs tests to find out what the cause is and how to treat it!

  • 65.00% Funded
  • $260.00 Funded

Phoenix the Shepard

This poor girl has Patella Luxation in BOTH knees!!! She needs surgery to walk again.

  • 4.81% Funded
  • $250.00 Funded