A Guide to a Successful Campaign!

So you’ve reached out to Free Animal Doctor and you’re on your way to creating a crowdfunding campaign with us. Here some tips that may help you make that campaign successful!

Tip # 1 Lots of Great Media

Every one loves a cute pet, so make you pet the star of the show! By taking lot’s of really good photos and video of your furry pal, we are able to showcase them in the best way we can. How do I take “Great Media”?

Step 1. Hold your device in a landscape position.

Step 2. Make sure your furry friend is looking at the camera. A good way to do this is to hold a treat close to the camera lens. This will make for a bright eyed, cute photo!

Sample photos

Step 3. When taking video, hold the camera in the same, landscape position. Make sure the room is well lit because we want to see their adorable face! Crouch down to your pet’s eye level to get even better coverage.

Sample videos

This video of Ading is a great example of filming at the same height as the dog, as well as narrating the video to provide an explanation to donors:

This video of Annie at the vet is similar, showing a good way to get video of an animal at the vet:

Bronson’s owner did a good job here narrating this short video:

Video from the vet, and even better WITH THE VET EXPLAINING, are great! Bend down a little to get the camera at the same height as the animal on the exam table as in this video of Jeffry:

Here is a good example of how to show the wounds or surgical incisions on a dog:

This video is a great narration, but unfortunately the video was not taken in “landscape”, so when uploaded to YouTube the video is small and narrow. Think how much better this would have been visually if it had been taken in landscape!

Hint* Make sure your images and video are clear as day! We can’t see how precious your pal is if their faced is blurred or pixelated.

Tip # 2 Vet Diagnosis. Prognosis, and Estimates

Sometimes it’s hard to scrap together coins for that initial diagnosis. However, knowing exactly what’s wrong with your pet and how to treat them will help us create a detailed and informative campaign. We want our donors to be invested in your animal’s recovery. Therefore, we will need clear pictures or scans of your estimated cost of procedure.


Tip # 3 What’s the Story?

Tell us your story! How did you and your best friend come to be? How long have you been with each other? Do they have brothers and sisters? Not only do we want to hear your pet’s story, we want to hear yours as well! For many people, their pet is the reason they wake up in the morning. We’d love to hear your relationship with your four legged friend.

TIP: Many of our donors are involved in animal rescue. If your pet is a rescue, if you are involved in rescue, or anything similar, you should let us know.