It’s Cookie Time!

By admin

Meet Cookie! She’s five years-old, sweet as can be, 10lbs Terrier/Yorkie mix.

She was stuck at the West Los Angles shelter for nearly a month. They really liked her there, but they had discovered mammary tumors and thus it was very hard to get her adopted. Thanks to some generous donations, and a big assist from The Shabby Dog Boutique and Kennel in Sierra Madre, we were able to take her in! Here is video of her at the shelter:

We have gotten her to the vet, and a biopsy will be performed. Other than the tumors she is perfectly healthy. Please keep a thought out for Cookie! We are not raising any money for her now, because the generous donors who helped us get her out of the shelter have donated enough for her initial care and biopsies. If she needs further care we will be doing a fundraiser, but let’s all hope that won’t be necessary!

Cookie’s freedom ride thanks to Kat Cu!!:

Pictures from at the vet today:

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