Indi’s Story

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Indi is a little pup that has been through so much treatment. The good news is she has a very good chance now, but she still needs our help. This is her story:

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Suzanne Mikhail rescued Indi and her sister Lily from a litter of pups at the beginning of the year. They were born into a litter of five puppies, and the owner did not get the mother, nor any of the puppies their shots. At about 6-8 weeks Indi and Lily were both sick, though the other three pups were fine. The owners did nothing about this. Suzanne discovered Indi and Lily after they had been sick for well over a month, and managed to talk the owner into surrendering them to her. Suzanne then began a long odyssey of getting them treatment. Their original funding page, which has a lot of information about them is available on our website here.

Eventually it became clear that Lily was not going to get better and was suffering. Both Lily and Indi would have good days, and bad days, but eventually Lily was just not doing well and had to be put to sleep. Here is a photo of Indi and Lily at the vet the day it was determined, Indi is the white and brown dog on the bottom, Lily has her head over¬†Indi’s neck:

The autopsy of Lily’s body showed she was in even worse condition than was thought. She had a liver shunt, but her liver was also under developed, as were her kidneys. There were other issues as well, showing that just would not have been able to survive much longer. However, the vet was more positive about Indi and told Suzanne if she was willing to keep going Indi did have a chance!

Indi Now

Suzanne lives in the San Diego area. She got in touch with a well known vet for Distemper treatment in Valencia. This vet worked with Dr. Sears, the originator of the New Castle serum treatment for Distemper. Indi had already had this treatment for Distemper (along with Lily) but the vet wanted her to come to Valencia immediately for one more treatment. Suzanne packed her up on Saturday night and made the nearly six hour round trip drive to Valencia. Here is a short video of Indi being admitted to Valencia Veterinary Center:

And photos:

Indi was treated there for three days, and improved. She was then released back to Suzanne, and is now with Suzanne at her home. Indi is doing good, but she still needs care. This is concern she too may have a liver shunt, but her regular vet is holding off on that for now, thinking that some of the blood tests that indicate a liver shunt may be due to her other conditions and treatments. She is having regular blood tests, and if certain levels continue to be high she will need an ultrasound to further investigate the liver shunt possibility.

Indi’s care at Valencia Veterinary Center and care now are expensive. Suzanne has been selling off furniture and jewelry to help fund it! Donations in any amount are so appreciated, and we pay every single donation ONLY TO THE VET! You can donate by clicking here.

Here is a video series of Indi’s vet discussing her condition:

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