Hazel’s Heart

Hazel’s Heart

We raised nearly $5000.00 for heart surgery to save Hazel’s life

IMG_5666Hazel was born with a closed heart valve that was not diagnosed until later in her life. Her family had spent a substantial amount of money on her care, and diagnosing her problem before they found us. By the time we were contacted they had spent thousands, and were almost out of funds. In addition Hazel’s condition seemed to be getting much worse.

We started raising money right away, and got her back to the vet for a pre-operative assessment. The vet stated that surgery was now urgent and could not wait. The vet was afraid the artery could rupture at any moment, killing Hazel. We put out an urgent plea, and 29 people stepped up with donations, including two very large donations by donors Jorge and Ching (both wish to keep their full names private).

With these donations Hazel was able to get her surgery! Afterwards the surgeon stated that her condition was so bad that she probably would not have survived another month or two. Now her prognosis is very good! She will be four years-old in February of 2017, and should now live a long and very normal and happy life.


Hazel about 10 days after the surgery. Owners had to be calm with her and short in this video, as she cannot be over excited at this time.

Hazel post op, showing scares from surgery

Hazel in recovery at the vet

Hazel in recovery at home

Hazel, fully recovered, Christmas 2016 playing with other dogs (low light, sorry!)