Dylan the Dachshund

Dylan the Dachshund

Dylan’s Christmas 2016, a Shelter Save!


Dylan was brought to our attention by volunteers at the Carson Animal Shelter (located in Carson, California, a suburb of Los Angeles). He was emaciated and unable to stand on his own. It was feared he would not live more than a day or two in the shelter and they were having trouble getting him saved by outside groups due to the obvious medical expense that he was going to require. Through the intervention of a volunteer at the shelter we were able to get him out that day, and to a vet for immediate treatment.

Dylan was so malnourished his spine was protruding through his back as his back muscles had deteriorated. He required three days of intensive care at a 24-hour veterinarian before he could even be put into a home environment. During this time we fundraised for him on our website and 73 donations were made toward his care! These donations allowed us to save his life!

Dylan required about two months in foster care until he was healthy enough to be adopted. Through connections of ours in the rescue community we were introduced to a great home in Las Vegas, and were able to check the home and determine that they were a good fit for Dylan and capable of dealing with his needs health-wise and related to his age. Since then we keep in regular contact with his adopter, and Dylan has been absolutely thriving. His weight has more than doubled. Several health problems he had related to malnourishment have disappeared. He socializes with the adopter’s other dogs, and has even befriended (and sleeps with) their cat! Probably as a result of prolonged scavenging on the streets he does have a bone fetish, and loves bones, and will hide them all over the house in various stashes.

When 73 people donate a little, A LOT gets done! Dylan had a great Christmas in 2016 because of our donors! THANK YOU ALL! WOOF!!!

Videos of Dylan:

Dylan at the animal shelter

Dylan playing at his new home

Dylan getting his 2016 Christmas present!