Success Stories

Success Stories

Jack the Evac, and the KTLA TV story

KTLA5Jack is a great story! He was found wandering the road during the evacuations around Wrightwood during the Blue Cut Fire outside of Los Angeles. During the evacuations he had gotten separated from a homeless lady that cared for him as best she could. Contact was made with her, and she surrendered him to Last Call K9 Rescue, who we worked with in raising the money need for his surgery. Jack had his surgery in August and has recovered and been adopted! Click here to see the newscast on him, or click on the image to the right.


Jack resting at home with his bestie!

Willie the Blind Maltese


Willie shortly after surgery

IMG_6637Willie is one of our favorites, as is his owner Holly. His story is a perfect example of one of our main goals: to keep animals out of the shelters in the first place! Rescues and shelters work hard on the cats and dogs that are in the shelters, trying to get them out, so we want to get in front of that and work on keeping the from going into the shelter in the first place. Holly had found Willie as a stray, and even though he was blind she loved him and gave him a great home. The problem was that one of his eyes was swollen and getting worse and worse, which was clearly painful for him and had the potential to lead to more dangerous complications. At the time Holly had just lost her job, and she simply did not have the money for the necessary surgery, but being most concerned for Willie she contacted rescues and shelters, saying she was willing to give him up if they would be able to provide him the surgery he needed.


Willie hanging out at Holly’s work

Fortunately we heard of this case, and contacted Holly. Our feeling is that of all the things a blind dog might need, like a loving and dedicated owner, the easiest to find would be money! As any rescue and shelter will tell you, it is so hard to find homes for “special needs” dogs like Willie. But in this case we had the perfect home, we just had a money problem… and THAT we can fix! It took about two weeks to raise the money for Willie’s surgery, and we had him examined by an eye specialist to see if there was any chance at preserving the eye or any vision. In the end he had to have the eye removed. This got him out of substantial chronic pain, and he has been the happiest little dog since. He goes with Holly to work (she got a job) and is an office favorite.

Willie and his story have been featured in two newspaper articles about Free Animal Doctor. FAD and Willie were in the July 21, 2016 issue of the Pasadena Outlook LINK HERE. And the March 12, 2016 Mountain View News, LINK HERE, Page 15.

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March 12, 2016 Mountain View News