How it Works

Free Animal Doctor (FAD) is crowd-funding for pets!

We are a non-profit, registered with the IRS as a 501(c)3 company. We pay the vet, not the owner, guaranteeing the pet get’s the treatment it needs. We also follow up with the vet and the owner afterwards, and provide donors with this follow up information.

Our Director Interviewed by the Pasadena Star-News about how FAD works:

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For Donors

FAD offers these advantages to those who want to directly help animals:

  1. We pay the vet! You are donating to a specific dog or cat, for their specific procedure. If we get enough funding, we pay directly to the vet and confirm with the vet office that the procedure was done, and get follow up photos and even meetings. This means 100% of your donation goes to pay for the animal’s procedure. It is you guarantee that your donation will get the animal the help it desperately needs.
  2. Tax deductible. Your donation is completely tax deductible.
  3. Refund. If we cannot raise enough money to fund the animal’s procedure then your entire donation is refunded to you.

In summary, FAD guarantees you that 100% of your generous donation goes directly to aiding the animal you chose! And you will get follow up emails showing you how your donation changed their life!

For Pet Owners Needing Assistance

Why choose FAD?
We get you funded. Because we guarantee the payment goes to the vet, and because the donation is 100% tax deductible, we get more donors! Further, at FAD we work with you to make your listing for your pet great! You aren’t on your own with FAD, we are here to help make your project a success. Oh, and there is no charge to you. We are here to get you pet help.

Great! How do I start?
Create an account by mousing over PROJECTS in the main menu at the top of the webpage, and then clicking SUBMIT A PROJECT in the drop down menu, or by CLICKING HERE

Be prepared to email us the following:
A) About 10 pictures of the pet. Be sure to include a photo of the injury or area that needs attention, if possible.
B) The pet’s story, how he or she got in this condition and how the veterinary procedure would improve the pet’s life.
C) Your story. Can you pay something towards the procedure? Why can you not afford the entire cost? Etc…
D) I you have any video of your pet, on YouTube or Vimeo include the link (this is not necessary, but great if you have it!).

Note: If you are in California we may be able to visit you and take professional photographs and video, at no charge. So be sure to let us know where you are, and if you are interested in this service!