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Tumor has regrown, is painful and spreading fast! His owner is tapped out having spent over $2000 on the first surgery. We have a new vet, a specialist, but we need to get Malachi treated urgently!

  • 6.11% Funded
  • $110.00 Funded

Pixie Rose

Poor little Pixie Rose got caught up in a rescue mishap, and now is stuck needing urgent surgery, with no one to help her. That's where you can come in and help!

  • 61.50% Funded
  • $615.00 Funded

No Eye

Wandered into someone's yard looking for help! Eye wound infection one of the worst we have seen. Has probably been injured for over a month. Needs urgent surgery!

  • 81.33% Funded
  • $1,220.00 Funded

Drac Kitty

Pulled from a bathroom trash can, his intestines hanging out, little Drac is fighting to make it! Let's help this little guy recover, and then find his new home!

  • 52.80% Funded
  • $660.00 Funded


Bean needs surgery to walk properly, and his leg is atrophying. He spent four months in the shelter waiting, and his finally out! Let's get this great little dog his surgery so he can walk, pain free, again!

  • 40.90% Funded
  • $1,227.00 Funded


Sweet Marley girl has a number of cysts that need removal soon, they are really growing up too fast. If we can get her taken care of now it will be much better for her!

  • 4.00% Funded
  • $40.00 Funded

Coco and the Tumor

Tumor behind the knee, so bad she is limping! Let's help Coco get the urgent surgery she needs.

  • 7.50% Funded
  • $75.00 Funded

Ice for San Bernardino Shelter Dogs

San Bernardino shelter has NO AIR CONDITIONING! Dogs are baking in the heat wave, kennel temperatures are exceeding 115 degrees. We urgently need ice for cooling kennels and for cold water. Please donate now!

  • 168.75% Funded
  • $2,700.00 Funded


This poor girl has not been able to walk, and was even pooping in her bed, because she couldn't get up! Daisy has a broken leg, and the simple story is the family needs help to pay the total bill. Your donation only goes to Daisy's treatment for her vet bill!

  • 34.67% Funded
  • $520.00 Funded

Coco of Rosemond

She has a tumor on her belly that appears to be a mammary tumor, and it has recently started to grow very fast. It needs to be operated on urgently, can you help Coco?!

  • 80.00% Funded
  • $800.00 Funded