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Hit by a car at high speed! He had just been adopted that day, and got away from the new owners... they have already spent $2100 on ER care, but now Blackie needs everyone's help for his surgery costs!

  • 3.00% Funded
  • $90.00 Funded

Little Lion, Emma

Emma suddenly had a full seizure. She is about 8 years old, and has never had one before. There are multiple possibilities, but as a first step the vet wants to do a blood test to check for various organ functions, and Emma has never had one anyone, so it is a good idea all around.

  • 100.00% Funded
  • $125.00 Funded

Emma The Golden

This ol' gal has a heart murmur and a surgical cyst. She needs $354.00 for blood work and X-rays to determine if she is good candidate for surgery. Please help this beautiful Golden Retriever get some pep back in her step!

  • 55.56% Funded
  • $200.00 Funded


Skittles is very sick. We thought it was kennel cough, then pneumonia, but then... Parvo. Parvo is expensive to treat. We are asking for donations to help cover our unexpected expenses with Skittles. We expect the final bill will be about $3000.00. Our request is if everyone can help us cover half of that. FAD staff will be putting up the other half!

  • 42.67% Funded
  • $640.00 Funded


Over bred, and never lived indoors! Poor Pantera had a rough life, ending up dumped in a field. Donna has gotten her a home now, and had her examined by the vet, but Donna cannot afford the cost of surgery, even at the reduced rate that has been arranged! The prognosis is very good, if she can get surgery!

  • 39.67% Funded
  • $595.00 Funded


Churro has a painful, but treatable eye condition. "Congenital Cornea Dermoid", requires surgery to repair. Adopted in March, at first Churro's condition was not noticeable. However, it has gotten worse, and more noticeable in time! Let's help this guy out :-)

  • 14.62% Funded
  • $570.00 Funded

Franklyn Cat

I need the surgery because the doctor said my bones won't heal on their own.. He can't cast it because there has been too much damage to the bones and internal structuring. I need it sooner rather than later so I won't be in unnecessary amounts of pain to ensure that the bones don't do any more damage render my arm unusable.

  • 9.34% Funded
  • $299.00 Funded

Mojo’s Hernia

Mojo has a dangerous hernia and needs help quickly!

  • 84.62% Funded
  • $550.00 Funded


Bentley is a sweetheart. Loves everyone. 4 1/2 yrs old. Someone opened our gate while I was gone yesterday (probably didn't see the dogs). When I came home they were gone. Bentley was found later, hit by a car!

  • 30.00% Funded
  • $300.00 Funded


Misdiagnosed at the shelter, poor Benny suffered unnecessary ear damage! Benny needs our help to stop his painful, and repeating ear infections and to hear again!

  • 20.00% Funded
  • $300.00 Funded