3 Dog Save!

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Cookie, Foca and Princess!

Thanks to Alexandra Bonvicini, Cat Ku, Piper Wood, Janie Mudrick and Sandy Lewis-Duvall of The Shabby Dog Boutique and Kennel we have been able to SAVE THREE GIRLS THIS WEEK! First we got Cookie, and today we got Foca and Princess. Cookie is doing great! She is really fitting in at the kennel, where they just love her she is so fun and happy! She does need a biopsy for tumors, but once that is sorted out she will be a great dog for adoption, check her out in this pic with one of our board members, Sam:

Foca and Princess came in today!

Today Cat brought us two more! Foca should be really adoptable, she was owner surrendered due to personal issues, nothing to do with Foca, who is well socialized and house trained. Here is a picture:

Princess though is a little bit more difficult. This poor little 8 pound girl has clearly had some abuse in her past. She has two cherry eyes (Read about cherry eye here), and something is wrong with her back legs too. In this photo you can clearly see the eye issue:

Here is video of when they were dropped off, you can see some of what we are talking about regarding Princess’s rear legs in this video:

Honoring Pledges and Donations

If you have a pledge to honor or would just like to donate, THANK YOU! We appreciate that! Just use this link to send money by PayPal (you do not need a PayPal account): HONOR PLEDGES AND DONATE HERE

You can also mail to: FAD, 70 E. Montecito Ave., Sierra Madre, CA 91024

We will have fundraisers for Cookie and Princess, if needed in the future as well.

More video and photos from today:

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