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Two Dogs with a Tumor, Removed!

Here is Adorable, also known as Dora.


She is a Cocker Spaniel who developed a mammary tumor. Her owner Sterling is on a fixed income, and when he went to Beaumont Animal Hospital he could not afford the cost of surgery. Beaumont told him about FAD, and we set up a fundraiser. Because of Sterling’s situation, where it was clear he was not going to be able to raise the money soon, and because he had been actively working very hard to raise money we took on his case, and when Adorable’s tumor suddenly got worse, we agreed to pay the full price and go ahead with the surgery even though not all the funds had yet been raised. You can see all of Adorable’s story and lots of pics here and if you would like to make a small donation to help us make up the remaining costs for Adorable’s surgery, we would really appreciate it!

coco1At around the same time we heard from a young lady who was trying to help Rodger, a 79 year-old vet who lives alone with his Dachshund Coco. Coco also had a mammary tumor, and Rodger too was on a fixed and limited income. We were really taken with Rodger’s story and how he had taken Coco in five years ago, so we wanted to help. Thank you so much to all the donors who helped with Coco, and yes, we could still use donations to help cover her bill as well, here is the page:

Coco, like Dora has now had her surgery. Both dogs are doing well, and Coco may be joining us at the OC Pet Expo at the end of April in Irvine, California!




And last, but not least, for fun here is a pic of Willie the Blind Maltese, also featured in our Success Stories page… This is Willie at his mom’s work, napping with his rear leg up in the air — hilarious!


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