December 2017

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The Story of Jeffery!

How a little stray with a broken jaw finally found a new home, just in time for Christmas!

One of the best dogs we ever had!

Jeffery was found walking in the middle the street during rush hour. It was in Baldwin Park, an industrial suburb east of Los Angeles. Fortunately a good person, who knows us, saw him as she drove by. She did a U-turn at the light, and when she came back, he wasn’t there. So she stopped in a parking lot right there, to look around, and saw a couple guys working on a car at a garage. She asked them about Jeffery “the little white dog running in the street”, and they responded that they knew him, he’d been hanging around the area for a while, and would come around the garage at times. So she started looking in the bushes around the parking lot, and there he was!

Jeffery was calm for a stray, and she was easily able to get him to come to her, so she picked him up and put him in her car! Looking at him, she could tell his jaw was crooked, and he wouldn’t let her touch it… so right away she got him to her vet, then got in touch with us.

The next morning we took Jeffery to our vet, Dr. Sidhu at Day Creek Animal Hospital in Rancho Cucamonga. The results of x-rays were clear: Jeffery’s jaw had multiple fractures and would require a plate to be inserted surgically.

Jeffery’s Condition

Jeffery was matted, and his fur over long. Our best guess was he had been living stray for at least a month, probably longer. Of course he could not have survived that long with a broken jaw, in fact it appeared the jaw had been broken recently. What we think happened is that he was running around the area, looking for food and such for a while, and someone probably got upset at him poking around their business or whatever, and kicked him or hit him with a weapon in the head, breaking his jaw.

Jeffery had no other injures at all, so it was fairly clear he had been hit in his jaw, especially since it was broken rather severely.

Jeffery’s Recovery

Surgery included putting plate in his jaw, and he was left with a cute but crooked smile! It took about a month to heal well, and we ended up taking him back to the vet at one point in the recovery, because it seemed he was in pain, but it turned out OK.

He had to be shaved down too, because of the matting, so poor Jeffery was a skinny and doofy looking dog for a while, but as his fur grew back it was looking better and better everyday!

Runyon Canyon Rescue Dog Hike

Starting in August Jeffery began going on our Rescue Dog Hike! Free Animal Doctor (FAD) takes rescue dogs on a hike on Runyon Canyon in Hollywood 2-4 times a week. It is about 2.5 miles, up and down Runyon Canyon, a dog friendly park in the city of Los Angeles. FAD coordinates the hike with Airbnb, so people can donate a small amount and come participate, helping to exercise, socialize and publicize the dogs for adoption.

Jeffery was always a favorite of people attending the hike, and one of those people fell in love with him, and just had to adopt him!

Jeffery’s Adoption

FAD has a pretty thorough process before any adoption, that includes an in-person home check. The family that wanted to adopted Jeffery lived near Austin, Texas, so we could not just do the home check here, we had to coordinate it with a partner organization or volunteer in Texas. So they had to leave LA before we were able to do that.

It took about a month to do all the checks and stuff, as we had to coordinate different people’s schedule, and then we had to find a way to get Jeffery to Texas. We had a goal of getting him to his new family for Christmas, but we had gotten into December and we still had not be able to get transportation locked down! We had had a couple of options, but for different reasons they had not worked out….. and then Suzy Taylor contacted us!

Suzy is a horse rescuer, and she makes trips to Texas where she picks up horses that would be killed (or sold to Mexico, where they are then killed) and brings them back to California where they go to new homes. She was on her way to Texas to pick up a load of miniature donkeys, and offered to give Jeffery a ride in her rig! Well that worked out just perfect! What better way to go to Texas than in a truck!

And so there is your Christmas story: Jeffery the rescue dog, found abandoned with a broken jaw ended up getting a great home in time for Christmas! Happy New Year Jeffery, it’s gonna be your best one yet!!! WOOOOOOF!