November 2017

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The Runyon Canyon Rescue Dog Hike

Exercise, Socialize and Publicize!

These are the goals of our Runyon Canyon Rescue Dog Hike!

The hike is held 2-4 times per week at Runyon Canyon in Hollywood, California. On Saturday November 11th we had a special group join us from Soho House West Hollywood! A great group that was loads of fun, and we even got a few foster offers, which we CAN ALWAYS USE! But hey, enough text! Just watch this video we made of the day to see what it is all about!!

When George Met Sally…

A “Tripod” and a “Prego” Pup!

Let’s start with pregnant Sally first. We need the most help with her, as she is going to have puppies soon, probably within 1-3 weeks of this post (posted Nov 4th). Can you foster her during birth and the first 8 weeks of puppies (whelping)? Do you know someone who could?

UPDATE: Faith has arranged a rescue to take Sally! Yeah! Mutt Hut Rescue will be taking her, she will have her pups there, and they will whelp them and get them adopted. More info will be posted on our Facebook page as we get it!

Faith Easdale got a call about her hanging out in a neighborhood in Rialto, CA, usually under a particular tree, but also playing around with neighbor dogs. People did leave food and water for her, but no one was willing or able to take her in. Fortunately a good samaritan got in touch with Faith before she was picked up by animal control, or worse, forced to have her puppies in a ditch or something out in rough!

She is a very sweet girl, and very young. We doubt she is much over 1 year in age, and are sure this is her first litter. As you can hear in the video below (ultrasound) Dr. Sidhu identified 5 heartbeats, so there are clearly 5 puppies, and there could be more:

She can have her puppies at the vet, or in foster, but she can’t whelp them at the vet, it is too long and they do not have that type of space. HELP! If you can, or have a line on someone who can, please email and let us know!

Then there is George

This boy is young too, say perhaps 2-3 years, 3 at the oldest. He is also very sweet, and energetic and fun! His right front leg is missing, and it does not appear to have been removed surgically. How did he lose it? We don’t know…. he could have been born this way, or lost it somehow, he has no signs of trauma now, except that he is missing several teeth at such a young age.

Faith rescued him as well… a phone call came in from a woman who had managed to catch him. She had seen him in her area in Fontana, CA running with a pack of dogs, and was able to catch him and get him in her house. She likes him a lot, and says he was very well behaved, but she is not allowed to have dogs at this property, and had to give him up. Thankfully she didn’t dump him or try to sell him or something, but contacted Faith for help!

We could really use a foster for him too! He is getting neutered, and a dental cleaning, and a blood panel (just to check). Appears healthy, and the staff at Dr. Sidhu’s —Day Creek Animal Hospital in Rancho, Cucamonga— really liked him! Other than missing one leg, he should be a totally normal dog, and should live a normal life… you could say he is even cuter with more personality with his little stub!

We also got Skittles

We also picked up Skittles today, but we have a place for her to go! You can see her, and George and Sally in this video I made as I left them at the vet… it was really sad to leave them there, though we know they will be well taken care of, and they need to be neutered and spayed!


Email if you can help or foster:

Faith’s rescue page on Facebook: Dream Fetchers

The vet where they are located: Day Creek Animal Hospital

Our kennel partner where Skittles will stay: The Shabby Dog