September 2017

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Meet Pops!

What a story with this guy!

His owner was a young woman living in San Bernardino, California. After a domestic dispute she fled, with Pops, in her car and her boyfriend chased her in his car. They ended up in an accident, and sadly the young woman did not survive. Pops was admitted to the San Bernardino animal shelter on August 17th, technically as an owner surrender. He was chipped and neutered… and seemed well taken care of. He is about 8 years old.

After 2 weeks in the shelter, he still wasn’t adopted, so we took him in… got him a good trim and bath, and he has been on a few of our FAD Hikes. ¬†Unfortunately we don’t know he real name, our kennel staff took to calling him pops because of his beard and he is a bit older with one cloudy eye. He is a very mellow, good natured guy, and we think house-trained and well socialized. He does great in the kennel and on hikes with other dogs and people. Perhaps he could find a home with you?


Abby is available for adoption!

You don’t need a mouse, when you have a dog!

Abby just had dental surgery (September 12th) and is doing very well! She was surrendered by her owners to the Los Angeles animal shelter last month. She was a house dog, and knows her name, is house-trained, and good with other animals. Here she is with Sam (Free Animal Doctor board member, and dog lover) at his office.

Abby is very calm, and sweet. She is quiet, and would be a great dog for an apartment, and someone who spends a lot of time at home. She is 8 years old, about 10 pounds. She is available for adoption now, but has not yet been spayed. –Dental surgery can release a lot of bacteria into the body and the vet recommended to do the dental surgery first, then spay later. We will have her spayed or arrange it with you if you adopt her!–

We have eight dogs available for adoption, so if Abby is not your style, we have more! But we can’t imagine anyone who wouldn’t love this friendly, happy little girl!!! Interested? email for more information and to arrange a visit. She is in Sierra Madre, CA (near Pasadena).