August 2017

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Adoptable Dogs Go Hiking Every Week!

Run or Volunteer at a Rescue? Join us!

Free Animal Doctor hikes Runyon Canyon in West Hollywood every Monday, Thursday and Sunday at 9AM. It is about a two hour hike. We have partnered with Airbnb to offer the public, many Airbnb customers, the chance to experience Runyon Canyon while helping rescue dogs!

How does it help? Our plan is threefold:

  1. Exercise
  2. Socialize
  3. Publicize

Rescue dogs that are staying in a kennel, or in a foster home where they do not get a lot of attention, often get stressed from their environment. Add in that many rescue dogs have “issues” as a result of their previous treatment, and when someone comes to visit a dog for adoption, the dog may not behave well in the meeting! The dog may be over excited, urinate, bite, hide, etc…. Our hope is that by providing such dogs with regular outside exercise where they hike in a “pack” of other dogs, and people, they can get the exercise they need, combined with socialization to get them used to dealing with strange dogs and people.

Also, we take lots of pictures, and ask the participants to take their own photos, and share them on social media! Many of the participants are young people who love to share pictures and video of the hike on their personal social media accounts, like Instagram and Snapchat, where a lot of rescues do not have a strong presence. Our hope is that this publicizing of the dogs helps in getting them adopted in the long run! And, Runyon Canyon is full of dog lovers and dog walkers! Every hike we meet people who ask about the dogs we have, and the adoption process!

How to get involved

We would love to have your rescue dogs join us on a hike! We can arrange to take them with us, with or without one or more of your rescue volunteers present, though we prefer if you have at least one person attend. We have a couple of solutions available for transporting the dogs too and from Runyon Canyon. The details vary based on your location and other specifics, so please email us at and let’s discuss how we can get your dogs to join the pack, and Exercise, Socialize and Publicize! WOOOF!