April 2015

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Two great, happy doggie stories in one day!

The Story of Tinker and Ulaney, Part 1

Abandoned cause your sick. Stuck in a scary jail, matted, dirty hopeless. If you’re Tinker you just look a mess:


If you are Ulaney, you smell bad, your back half matted and covered in stale urine.

And then: POOF, someone is carrying you outside! You are OUTSIDE! What is going on!!!


I will tell you what is going on: Randee Goldman of Lhasa Happy Homes has seen your sad state and contacted the shelter and she has sent FAD to rescue you ASAP! That’s what is going on 🙂

Now you are still matted and stinky, so we gotta get you to the groomer, like right now. Today!

They might look sad or worried in these photos, cause the groomer is a noisy place, and now they are back in a cage… but this is a safe and good place and soon they are going to be feeling a lot better:

U1 IMG_1688

A few hours later and that stinky, matted up ball of dirty fur becomes, Tinker:

And Ulaney:

Now That is an Improvement!

Up next, time to go to the vet. Tinker has a really messed up eye and Ulaney has bladder/kidney stones. Randee has arranged everything for them, so look for Part 2 of Tinker’s and Ulaney’s story in the coming days!

Chase got vetted by the vet, at no charge!

A little late to post this, but on April 15th we got Chase to vet. His owners found him under their truck one day. They tried to find his owners, he looks fairly pure bred, maybe 100% pure bred…. but no chip, no collar and not neutered. He isn’t even a year old yet!


So they took care of him, and eventually became his forever home. But he was having some worrisome issues, so they contacted us at FAD to see if we could make a campaign for him. First thing we did? We got him an appointment at VCA Foothill in Pasadena.


Well they took great care of him, did a total exam, flushed out a little infection, and to keep it short: Got him the all clear and we didn’t have to pay a dime! Thanks VCA Foothill, Chase is now all good and ready to roll!