Imagine being so small that most of the world finds you insignificant. Walking down the street, a silver Lexus hits you and keeps driving... Brain swelling, needs donations now to stay in the vet for overnight care!

  • 31.33% Funded
  • $470.00 Funded

Yoko The Shep

Poor Yoko has been attacked twice and needs surgery!

  • 15.50% Funded
  • $310.00 Funded

Lady Gizmo

Little Lady Gizmo has horrible seizures! She needs tests to find out what the cause is and how to treat it!

  • 65.00% Funded
  • $260.00 Funded

Phoenix the Shepard

This poor girl has Patella Luxation in BOTH knees!!! She needs surgery to walk again.

  • 4.81% Funded
  • $250.00 Funded

Abandoned Bella

When she needed her family, they didn't want her... Thanks to the efforts of our great friends and dog rescuers Faith Easdale and Suzette Hall we were able to rescue this girl from the shelter system, where she most certainly would have not made it!

  • 21.38% Funded
  • $310.00 Funded

Meeka Second Chance

Meeka is recovering from a long bout of IMHA, basically Anemia. Her dedicated owner has spent most of her money, and Meeka needs our help to get her remaining her necessary tests and treatments! She's come a long way, let's get her done!!

  • 3.75% Funded
  • $75.00 Funded

Sweet Rose

Poor Rose is just a puppy but needs EMERGENCY amputation!

  • 1.67% Funded
  • $20.00 Funded

Hot Dog Chula

Chula has Mammary tumors and periodontal disease! Help this darling girl thrive for all her years!

  • 12.86% Funded
  • $135.00 Funded

Little Joplin

Joplin spent New Year's Day in the ER vet. X-rays revealed a large blockage in the intestine, and surgery is going to be necessary. Owner arranged the best she could with the ER, stayed with him all night where he was stabilized, and in the morning on Tuesday took him to her vet for the surgery. Little Joplin will require surgery to remove this blockage, or he will die. There is no other choice unfortunately. Can you please help Little Joplin get his life saving surgery today? All donations are paid only for Joplin's care! Thank you so much!!

  • 16.50% Funded
  • $495.00 Funded


Lisette's stomach has entered her throat! She cannot eat at all! She needs corrective surgery soon. Poor pup is only 4 months old! Let's give her a New Year of life! WOOF!

  • 2.13% Funded
  • $85.00 Funded

Christmas Family

Just rescued from the desert, a family of twelve! Ten puppies, evenly split between five boys and five girls. These puppies need our help to have a healthy, safe and secure 2018!!

  • 14.17% Funded
  • $170.00 Funded

The Handsome Duke

Duke needs surgery for broken legs and hips. The Santa Ana winds swept this little guy out the yard and on to the streets.

  • 16.00% Funded
  • $160.00 Funded

Ollie the Cat

Poor Oliver needs a skin graft to heal his wounds!

  • 0.20% Funded
  • $5.00 Funded


Brooklyn has a Deadly Hernia!URGENT! This little girl needs surgery very soon! She is in terrible pain, and at great risk. Surgery is scheduled, but we need to show positive donations coming in! Thanks!!

  • 102.14% Funded
  • $715.00 Funded
  • Ended On 12/19/2017


Wolfe has been named in honor of Melissa Wolfe, well known animal rescuer. A good samaritan witnessed poor Wolfe being dumped from a car, and then tossed over a fence! The poor little girl was scared to death and ran down the street screaming and yelping! She needs our help for important surgery.

  • 30.00% Funded
  • $750.00 Funded