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Dora the Cocker

She needs a tumor removed soon, but her owner is on a fixed income.

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Squint has to have one eye removed. He's having trouble getting adopted, even though he is a great dog, so this surgery would be a double benefit for him!

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  • 6 Days to Go

Little Annie

Please consider to pledge for immediate vetting and exams for Annie. Barely 6 months she was surrendered up by her owner. She only weighs 4.34 lbs, and should weigh double that or more, she is literally SKIN & BONES - every bone in her body is protruding.

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Neglected because she was old, left in a garage... but now she is saved and in a loving home, but they need our help with vet bills to get her back to health.

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  • $617.00 Funded
  • Ended On 03/15/2017

Gracie the Pup

Gracie was thrown in the trash to die because she only had three legs! She's been rescued, and now needs surgery to correct her injuries and allow her to live a long and normal life.

  • 75.45% Funded
  • $415.00 Funded
  • Ended On 03/14/2017

Indi and Lily

Indi and Lily need you, so they can stay in the hospital! This is an urgent plea, they are improving but require 24 hour care.

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  • 6 Days to Go


Coco has a fast growing mammary tumor. She is the sole companion to Rodger (who is 79 and lives alone near Hemet). He's on Social Security and just cannot afford her surgery. Let's help!

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  • $935.00 Funded
  • 6 Days to Go

Big Ruckus

Poor guy has torn the tendons in his knee. He can no longer walk, and is pain despite anti-inflammatory medications. Ruckus needs surgery to fix his knee, and his owner cannot afford the entire cost. He needs our help now!

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  • 6 Days to Go

Dexter DRLA

Senior Really Needs Help! Dexter the Dachie has very neglected teeth, and needs surgery soon.

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  • $650.00 Funded
  • Ended On 02/28/2017